Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Administrative Changes

In keeping with the new-found concept of promoting from within, the board has approved former CMS/MVMS principal Melissa Moore to the position of Assistant Superintendent, Human Resources.

In addition, the following administrative changes have been announced:

Principal - Canyon Middle School - Eric Vreeman (formerly Principal of YAS)
Principal - Yucaipa Elementary - Elizabeth Chronister (formerly AP at YHS)
Asst. Principal - Yucaipa High - Joe Hyde
Asst. Principal - Park View Middle - Joe Maletesta (formerly science teacher @ PVMS)
Asst. Principal - Park View Middle - Frank Tucci (formerly AP at RES & CES)
Asst. Principal - Valley & Yucaipa Elementary Schools - Dana Carter (former PE teacher @ CES)
Asst. Principal - Calimesa & Wildwood Elementary Schools - James Cherry (formerly AP at DES & YES)
Assistant Principal - Dunlap & Ridgeview Elementary Schools - Kristie Marino (formerly AP at PVMS)
Assistant Principal - Canyon Middle School - Mike Bennett (formerly AP at PVMS)

So, vacant positions include:

Principal - Mesa View Middle School
Principal - Yucaipa Adult School