Thursday, May 1, 2008

Feeling Cool and Comfortable?

Community member, Andrew Matlock wrote a great letter to the editor in this week's News Mirror...take a look:

Budget cuts should not affect students

In its latest cost cutting effort, the YCJUSD has decided to raise the thermostats in classrooms throughout the district so that the air conditioning does not come on until the temperature reaches 78 degrees.

Now I don't know when the last time you were in a small classroom with 30-35 students during a heat wave, but it makes for an unbearable situation that is in no way conducive to effective learning.

To make matters worse, state testing, the benchmark by which schools are judged, is scheduled to begin soon and suffice it to say, taking a series of tests in excruciating heat will probably not lead to high scores.

However, the most troubling aspect of this situation arose last week when I attended a school board meeting. Apparently the temperature in the board room is not regulated as district officials lowered the thermostat not once, but twice during the meeting to ensure the temperature remained in the low 70s.

Now while no one will argue the blame for the current budget crisis facing schools throughout the state lies solely with politicians in Sacramento, one has to question the leadership of this district when it continually looks to cut programs and costs closest to the classroom and students instead of those furthest from the classroom.

And I can think of no place further from the classroom, both literally and figuratively, than a district office board room.

It is time for this district to actually make a positive difference in the life of each child instead of just saying it does in a mission statement.

Andrew Matlock

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Anonymous said...

The same thing happened during the last budget crisis. Administrative offices were at a cool 68 degrees, while my classroom roasted at 83 degrees. My thermostat is on an inside wall, so even though it was set for 78 degrees, the actual temperature in most rooms was far, far higher. Like the Board and Sherry Kendrick always say, it's a matter of priorities.

Anonymous said...

The News-Mirror won't care, they almost never do. What is the thermostat set at at Mesa View?

Anonymous said...

Abominable, but typical. I think that if anyone of us has forgotten who we work for, more fool us.

Anonymous said...

Have things improved since the May Revise came out? Looks like a modest increase (0.2%) for next year, and no violation of Proposition 98. Or is YCJUSD still putting its staff and students last in its budgeting priorities? Has anyone checked the temp in Sherry K's office?

Anonymous said...

Chapman Heights thermostats can go all the way down to 72. My room is boiling! I feel so bad for the students.

Anonymous said...

Time to get this blog up and running again!

Concerned Parent said...

Hearing some NASTY rumors about the district & the budget for the next 2 years. Would like to know what information teachers are receiving. I went to the district web site & there is ZERO information on the budget page.
Perhaps together, Parents & Teachers can try to influence some action in a positive direction.

Anonymous said...

Fair to say they weren't rumors. As the Soviets used to say, "There's no news in the truth, and no truth in the news". Good luck to all of you, you'll need it!

yucaipa-observer said...

I have a question....what are the district superintendant's wages? They are posted as "confidential" on the website. Why is that? Why the big secret?