Tuesday, February 17, 2009

A Word About Comments

The authors of this blog respectfully request that the nasty, personal comments stop. We will not publish them. Not only are they contrary to the point of this blog, they are misinformed. We'll give three examples:

1) The board did NOT make a choice between "saving" Dunlap and saving CSR. There isn't an "either-or" choice to be made, by either the board OR the negotiations team. The board merely pulled the Dunlap decision from consideration that week, delaying it until the next meeting. Then, because of the layoff timeline, it voted to approve the administration's cost-cutting recommendations. It did this just in case an agreement of any kind could not be met with the Association in time for the RiF notices. The YCEA negotiations team continues to work to save all possible jobs.

2) You cannot offer to take more kids in your classes in order to save jobs. Taking more kids into your class eliminates jobs. We HAVE to keep CSR classes at 20:1 in order to keep all of our members.

3) Two, possibly four jobs are subject to elimination if the closure of Dunlap is approved. Yes, many Dunlap members and parents are concerned about other issues related to Dunlap, but our priority in this matter has got to be the jobs.

We will continue to moderate the comments.

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ape151 said...

It is a shame that people can be so nasty. The day we were protesting two people drove by and flipped us the middle finger. This infront of our children. Others tells us they think closing Dunlap will save jobs. Closing any school will result in jobs lost. Can't people do the math? People should not speak until they are well informed. It will be a tragedy if all teachers can't stand behind each other in these terrible times.