Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Don't let them mislead you....

I read with interest a handout from the District, meant for the school board, in which they outlined "Administrative Position Adjustments." They're trying to say that they lost two positions. Hmm. Which ones, do you think? They claim they lost the assistant principal at WES and the assistant principal at OVEC. They rightly point out that they added a principal at WES, and an assistant principal at MVMS, but try to claim that they really lost "two positions that would ordinarily be filled with new personnel."

What they failed to put in their chart is that they DID fill two administrative positions with new personnel! They created a new "Dean of Students" at OVEC, which is pretty much the same as the assistant principal, and they created a "Coordinator" of the Special Education Pre-School (also an administrative position).

The District now has 33 administrators, 2 more than last year. I don't see where that could be considered a loss of positions.

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