Saturday, April 28, 2007

Something Fishy Is Going On!

Does the board NOT think the public and teachers will notice that they cancelled their May 1st board meeting (the same day YCEA had rallies scheduled in the afternoon) and then scheduled a "special" board meeting for the same day, May 1st, but at 2:00 in the afternoon. They have guaranteed that they won't have to hear any input from from teachers since they are holding their board meeting at a time when all district teachers are required to be in their classrooms.

Teachers and PARENTS are TIRED of the board's unwillingness to resolve the pressing issues in the district. Let's hope and pray they take action Tuesday to give the district's bargaining team the parameters they need to reach a settlement.

625 Days Without a Settlement!


Anonymous said...

The visual of clean, fresh fish doesn't do this situation justice. I'm thinking a bucket of week-dead anchovies, sitting in the sun.

Anonymous said...

You know, I am tired. But not too tired to picket on Tuesday! My family will be there in force. I just wish we didn't have to.

Anonymous said...

I think they moved the board meeting to a time when they didn't have to see the teachers because we intimidate them. It is truly amazing what we can do when we stand together. Colton, Banning, Big Bear, Hayward.... YCJUSD, you won't break us; but I have to wonder why you want to.

Anonymous said...

Our district expects the same from us that the managers of a Chinese pencil factory expect of their workers. Mindless conformity and a uniform "product". Oh, and total control over their employees.

RB said...

I went to the district office this afternoon to address the issue of this last-minute change (and other issues, too). I arrived a few minutes later than I'd planned (around 1:50-1:55), but still before the scheduled start time of 2:00.

Surprise, surprise! No board meeting. No agenda posted, no board members, nothing. I'm not sure if they decided in advance that there'd be no public participation session (despite what the agenda states), if they decided to hold it elsewhere to confuse anyone who may have been planning to attend, or if they "forgot" (wink, wink).

The lack of respect they show for teachers is bad enough, but to try to weasel their way out of public discussion to boot? I don't suppose these guys can be impeached, can they? (Ah, well, wishful thinking.)

MH said...

What do they have planned next? Extend their term so they don't have to face reelection? Wait! They aleady did that!