Thursday, April 19, 2007

Where is Dr. Hovey Leading YCJUSD?

Rather than trying to negotiate a fair settlement with his teachers, Dr. Hovey seems to think the labor unrest is a better way to lead a school district.

What would a teacher strike be like in Yucaipa?

Right now, in California, there is just one teacher strike going on...that is in Hayward.

Between 97 and 99% of the members of the Hayward Educators Association have joined in unity on the picket lines.

Less than 20% of students are attending class. Some of them sign in in the morning and then leave.

Despite offering substitute teachers $300 a day, qualified substitutes are lacking. According to news reports, there were 8 substitutes for 800 students at one large campus and according to another news report there were no substitutes at Hayward High School.

The district superintendent claims that students in these classrooms are being taught standards based curriculum. According to television news reports, newspaper articles and parent complaints, little learning is taking place. At some schools children are watching the Disney Channel all day, at another student the closest thing that came to teaching in the classroom was a game of hangman and at another elementary school students were making underwear out of paper to wear over their clothes while other students watched Sponge Bob videos.

Encourage Dr. Hovey to do the right thing and work with the board to offer teachers a fair settlement.

Ask Dr. Hovey to not jeopardize the education of the students in Yucaipa and Calimesa.

616 days without a settlement!


Anonymous said...

Our problems began long before Mitch came to YCJUSD, and they will continue long after he leaves. Let's not give the board the chance to hang their problem on him when he leaves. Not to say Mitch isn't part of the problem, but he is not the whole problem.

Anonymous said...

I've heard Mitch pretty much holds the job in name only. The Board is stuck with him until his contract runs out; their only alternative would be to buy him out, and that would mean they'd have to admit they made a mistake. Like that will ever happen! Jim O.'s ego knows no bounds!