Monday, April 23, 2007

Thank you parents, friends and fellow CTA members!

Notice something when driving around Yucaipa and Calimesa? Those yellow and red signs are everywhere! Drive down Third Street and you'll see them from one end to the other. Businesses on County Line Road have them posted on fences and in windows. Everytime YCEA receives another box of 500, they're quickly exhausted and more have to be ordered.

YCEA is expecting a new shipment in a couple of days...if you don't have one in your yard, call the office at (909) 790-3320 or e-mail with the address and a volunteer with the crisis team will make sure one is placed in your yard.

620 days without a settlement!


Anonymous said...

It is wonderful to see the public support. It would be wonderful as well to be a priority for my employer and not have to beg for a raise.

Anonymous said...

It continues to astonish me how much public support we have, yet the board hasn't budged in almost a year. What is the board's problem? My heartfelt thanks to those in the community who have taken a stand to support the teachers.

Anonymous said...

Seems like every member of the voting public supports teachers, except the board.

Leaving for Redlands said...

The Yucaipa Board needs to understand that you get what you pay for period. How are they going to expect to find quality replacements for all the science teachers that are leaving YHS as well throughout the district as long as teachers salaries are at the bottom. The turn over is immense and you would not believe the number of great teachers we lose and also how in August we scramble to fill positions with the people who are left over.

Everyone knows that without consistent staffing you will n ot get the institutional momentum to get to the next level. We are always in a training mode and never get to implementation. The District Office has lost all its good leaders!!!! We need leadership with finesse and credibility. The district administration needs to put pressure on the School Board to pass on to the teachers the cost of living increases given to the district by the state. Yucaipa needs to step up to the plate and the board of education needs to pass on the cost of living increases the state gives them. We teachers should n't have to strike to get less than the cost of living. But that is exactly what is about to happen and that is a sorry state of affairs. YCJUSD good luck attracting the best and the brightest, good luck holding onto the teachers with 1 to 7 years of experience.

Did you know that there are a couple of administrators in YCJUSD district office who think that they can compenwsate for lack of experience and credentials through providing a one size fits all curriculum map system where everybody is expected to follow the same steps and not utilitize any professional judgement just like a minimum wage high school drop out cooking cooking burgers according to a set of directions at MCDONALDS!! Our students are not burgers they are each different and unique and deserve instruction from experienced highly trained professionals like the teachers that Redlands and Beaumont are currently recruiting away from Yucaipa!!!

For the district to say that passing on the cost of living money the state gave them is not possible makes no sense at all. How can passing on state given cost of living monies bamkrupt you unless you had already over obligated your self. The actions of the Board of Education have told us teachers they don't care and don't respect our work. Do you want demoralized lowest paid teachers teaching your kids? Salaries aside you will be hearing more in the future from teachers who have no confidence programs being foisted on us by admintrators who have insulated themselves on Third Street.

Anonymous said...

Looks like the Board can't read the writing on the wall. Literally!

Anonymous said...

The Board is clearly willing only to pay for what they are going to get. I think this is actually a management practice in Yucaipa. The senior staff will mostly be retiring in the next five years and Yucaipa continues to lose its middle teachers. In a few years, our average teacher will have five or less years of experience, and many will be too new to express an opinion (opinions are dangerous things in Yucaipa if you are still probationary). A whole district full of inexpensive, inexperienced deliverers of the district approved standardized curriculum. Walmart expects more creativity of its employees! Now the only question is: Is this what the community expects and wants? If not, parents need to stand up and convince the board to stop the hemmorhage of quality teachers before things get any worse.