Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Can YOU afford to work in Yucaipa?

It's official! Based off of CTA comparison data, YCJUSD has the LOWEST salaries of any of the 15 comparison districts in the Inland Empire. That's right, we are dead last!

The differences are substantial! For example, a first year beginning teacher (Step 1, Column 1) would make:
$4,613 more teaching in Beaumont
$5,912 more teaching in Hemet
$6,526 more teaching in Moreno Valley
$7,447 more teaching in Riverside
$13,731 more teaching in Corona-Norco

Let's just say the future isn't looking too bright for future YCJUSD teachers.


Anonymous said...

But the real cost is even worse! Multiply this salary shortfall by thirty years, then factor in lost revenue to your retirement benefits, it goes on and on. Lately, I don't feel that poor salary is the root problem, it is only one of many symptoms of the lack of respect shown teachers in Yucaipa.

Disillusioned Teacher said...

One might be able to rationalize lower salaries if the YCJUSD were in some way a better place to work. But those days are long gone! I have been attacked personally by administrators, I have had friends and colleagues terminated or forced out because the District didn't like the questions they asked, I have seen the reputations of excellent teachers destroyed by vindictive administrators. Long ago, teachers were valued as the professionals they are. We participated in meaningful staff development, we wrote grants to bring money and programs to schools, and we generally felt supported in our professional lives. So much damage has been done to relations between the District and the teachers, that it will be years (if ever) before trust can be rebuilt. And, I see no effort to rebuild that trust at this time.