Saturday, February 24, 2007

Thank-You Parents!

Friday was a "board tour," meaning the school board made visits to several school sites. Over the past two weeks, several groups of parents have been organizing in support of the teachers. Today they picketed at four of the schools being visited. The first group at Park View was rather small, since it was early morning on a very cold day.

Ridgeview had a larger turnout, and this group was joined by the parents from Park View.

Next, there was picketing at Meadow Creek and Valley Elementaries, and then at lunchtime there was a pretty good-sized group at a Dunlap. This group was joined by teachers who came outside with their own signs since it was their lunch period.


Another board tour is scheduled for Tuesday the 27th, with visits to Green Valley, Oak View, YHS-9, and Yucaipa High. Call the YCEA office at (909) 795-3320 if you're interested in talking to the parents who are organizing things. We can provide you with contact information.

562 Days Without a Settlement!


Anonymous said...

Go Yucaipa parents! If you care about the education your children receive, support Yucaipa teachers!

Anonymous said...

I'm hoping a few of these parents will be willing to run for school board. Time to get rid of the four knuckleheads that have no common sense.