Wednesday, February 28, 2007

We're Dead Last!!!!!

The district's website states that Yucaipa teachers have the second highest average salary of our 15 comparison districts. Has any one of the board members looked at our salary schedule compared to surrounding districts? The YCJUSD teaching staff certainly has. How is it that we have the second highest average salaries? It's because we are the most experienced and most educated staff in the comparison group. It is certainly not because of our wonderful salary schedule. Teachers, start looking at your salary and see what it would be in another district. Then go ahead and add in the district's 6.5% salary offer to your current salary and compare again. Your salary will still be the lowest. I hope the School Board and district administration take the time to make the same comparisons. Maybe if they did, YCJUSD would stop paying an attorney $600/hour to do the job the tax payers compensate the Board and administration to do.

566 Days Without a Settlement!

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