Saturday, February 24, 2007

Welcome to the Yucaipa Teacher blog!

Need a place to vent your frustration with the YCJUSD? Upset that we're among the lowest paid teachers in Southern California? You've found the right place! Sound off and share!


Yucaipa Teacher said...
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Anonymous said...

Some questions for the Board:
1.) How much actual money (not ten-year "commitments")has been donated for the artificial turf project at YHS?
2.) What is the projected cost of this project to YCJUSD should the "commitments" renege?
3.) How much money has been spent on legal fees and the mailers sent to teachers and parents?
4.) Why do you consider quality teachers to be a birthright, rather than believing that the best way to attract quality teachers is by providing competitive salaries and good work conditions>
5.) What impact do you think that an exodus of quality teachers will have on this community, and the property value of its homeowners?