Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Where's All the Money?

Why is it that the YCJUSD received over 18% in new funds for the 05/06 and 06/07 school years but is only offering their teachers a total of 9% in salary and benefits (which by the way, our teachers voted down)? Where is the other 9% of the new money that should be in the teacher salary accounts going? Why do other accounts get their full increase plus some but teacher's salaries take less? Our surrounding districts seemed to know how to budget correctly. Even Banning who is smaller than YCJUSD figured out how to give their teachers a fair raise. Wake up YCJUSD, we're leaving!

565 Days Without a Settlement!

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Anonymous said...

At Yucaipa High, department was hit with a 20% budget cut several years ago during the state budget crisis. That money was "reinstated" but the District forced YHS to pay for new computer hardware used by the entire district, so the money did not make its way back into teacher budgets. We still operate under this cut, with two more teachers in our department and additional expenses for scantrons, printer cartridges etc. My point is, wherever the money is, it is far, far away from my classroom.