Tuesday, May 8, 2007

California Day of the Teacher - May 9

How will the Board recognize us for all that we do?

Will they offer us a fair salary settlement?

Will they have the courage to stop by school sites and talk with teachers to find out what they could do to make things better?

Or...will they send out a cheap, Xeroxed proclamation and try to ignore us?

635 Days Without a Settlement!


Anonymous said...

I don't know about the rest of you, but guess what we got at our sight today!!!! Taped ceremoniously to the white board in the staff room. YES! You guessed right...a proclamation. Funny how they didn't have the nerve to send each of us one as is the tradition........
I was sooooo looking forward to it. My bird's cage needed repapering.

Anonymous said...

Well, what do you expect? We've been telling them to quit wasting reams of paper on these meaningless resolutions, so they figured they'd do it this way!

Anonymous said...

Sort of a disappointment. I sent last year's warm proclamation back to Mitch with my own note penned on the bottom. Funny, he never responded. I was sort of looking forward to a redo. Oh well, I'll learn to live with it. I think I'll be here years and years after Mitch has gone on to make other teachers miserable somewhere else.

Anonymous said...

With every other district in our area already settled for this year AND LAST YEAR, it clearly our board's intent to break us. We are now officially the laughing stock of all of California, not just the IE. If the board is successful in this, they will only be emboldened to seek further outrage against us. Hopefully, we are able to hold together in the face of this onslaught. If we give up now, we are lost.

Anonymous said...

We absolutely must stick together. They must not humble us, we deserve what is fair.

It is definitely scary, and the prospect of a strike is downright daunting. I hope it won't come to that, but I will be there if it does.