Thursday, May 17, 2007

Congratulations, John!

Photo courtesy of Mark Watkins.

Yucaipa High School teacher John Hawkins proudly displays his CTA Communications Award, presented to him at the San Gorgonio Service Center Council WHO (We Honor Ours) Awards Dinner. John received this award from the California Teachers Association for his informative, illustrated set of emails called "Postcards from Orlando" sent from the NEA Representative Assembly last summer. CTA bestows only a small number of Communications Awards, for newsletters, websites, and for this "special" category in which John was selected. We're very proud that one of our members has received this statewide honor.


Anonymous said...

John-Great job on improving the newsletter this year! It really looks great! Thanks for all you do behind the scenes to make YCEA a great organization.

Anonymous said...

Congrats John!