Friday, May 25, 2007

YCEA Featured in California Educator

Take a look on pages 24 & 25 of the print issue or read it online here:


Anonymous said...

Great article and pictures! We proved the old saying- "United we stand, divided we fall!" Thank you YCEA, crisis team, negotiations team and CTA!

Weegy's Ghost said...

A comment regarding Claire-Marie Teeters' coverage of Yucaipa High School's Class Night: Invest in a good telephoto lens, and get out of every one else's picture! If you weren't there tonight, Claire-Marie was constantly standing in front of, and in the middle of, the senior class, and everyone else's pictures just to get the shot for the News-Mirror. A good photographer should be invisible during an event like this, but Ms. Teeters simply stood whereever she thought the shot would be best for her! The night is not about you, Ms. Teeters, nor is it about the News-Mirror! So, sit down, or otherwise get out of the way, OK?