Monday, May 7, 2007

Let's have a GREAT turn out Wednesday morning!

Remind your colleagues! Picketing BEFORE school at your respective school site Wednesday morning. Check with your site crisis captain about what time your site will start and end.

Let's put an end to the crisis THIS WEEK!

634 Days Without a Settlement!


Anonymous said...

I'll see you all there YHS! Lunch was fun today, we should do that more often instead of tutoring for free at lunch everyday.

Anonymous said...

I was at an appointment in Yucaipa today and the secretary in the office asked me (I didn't bring it up) for a We Support Yucaipa Teachers sign. So, I went to the union office and picked one up. When I delivered that sign another patron asked me for some yard signs as well. Our support is growing; I hope the School Board responds to the community on Thursday. DO THE RIGHT THING!!!

Anonymous said...

Things are really heating up around the district. The parent who is primarily involved with handing out flyers for the parent group at one of our local schools was called at her home and told (by the principal) to stop handing out her flyers in front of school. The principal said she contacted DO just to verify that she was correct in telling the parent to stop her actions.
At the same time, I found a letter from parents ( asking that we continue to support the teachers)under my wipers today at the softball field. Our parents are working hard and are now coming up against what we have felt and seen all along.
What a shame that the DO is turning on parents as well!

Anonymous said...

I too found one on my windshield at the little league field this evening.

Go parents! We appreciate your support!