Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Local Businesses to Thank

Let's start the list - we'll update it as you let us know who/what business to add.

Please write them letters, patronize their businesses, and thank them in person.

These business sported "WE SUPPORT YUCAIPA-CALIMESA TEACHERS" signs:

Las Fuentes
White Rabbit
Big John's Philly Steaks
Hair 'n' U
Farmer Boys
The Water Store
Skat Trak
Dr. Wise Orthodontics
Roadrunner Towing
La Mexicana
El Pollo Loco
Mr. Crum's Donuts
Dr. Jarrett (chiropractor)
Rosa's Beauty Shop
The Training Zone
Valero (Wildwood/California)

Who else?


Anonymous said...

The Water Store (Next to Big Cheese Pizza) and Roadrunner Towing


Anonymous said...

Skat Trak in Calimesa had a nice sign up on their fence.

Shannon said...

Dr. Wise Orthodontics, thank you!

Anonymous said...

La Mexicana
El Pollo Loco (Yucaipa)

Anonymous said...

Mr. Crum's Donuts on Yucaipa Blvd. had a prominate sign in the window for all to see. Thanks!

Anonymous said...

Mr. Crum's Donuts on the Blvd had a prominent sign of support in the window. Thanks!

Anonymous said...

So now that we know how the NM feels, do we cancel our subscriptions? How can they call their paper the NEWS Mirror?

Anonymous said...

Now that we have realized some of our collective power, we'd be foolish to forget it. Anyone who keeps a NM subscription, or buys the paper is basically forgetting how they feel about us as a group.

I for one won't be forgetting.

Anonymous said...

Although this is an ever expanding list of those who stood by the teachers during this stressful and acrimonious time, I feel some obligation to mention one business which appears to continue to lean towards the district's stance. I questioned Sports Shack to see of it was possible to publish a message of thanks to parents from our school. Nothing more. I was firmly told that this would be "taking a side" and too "political". They told me they would "refuse" to put any statement up for any staff. I then asked how saying thanks to parents could be construed as political and was told they simply "refuse". I couldn't help but ask myself how they could accept the parents' money for supplies and equipment and yet refuse to allow a sincere thanks to the very same people. Maybe we should offer signs of thanks to the businesses listed here ...wonder how many would put them up for us?!

Ann M. said...

Dr. Jarrett, my chiropractor, posted a sign in his office window and so did Rosa's Beauty Shop. Thank you both and all the other businesses that put up signs.

Anonymous said...

The Training Zone (martial arts studio and afterschool day care) on Yucaipa Blvd. has been a dedicated supporter since the begining. Thanks Syndee and Andrew!

Yucaipa-Calimesa Teachers said...

The Valero station on the corner of Wildwood and California has the sign up.