Wednesday, May 9, 2007

See You On The Picket Lines This Morning!

Make sure that ALL of your staff is out there---show the parents, community, administration and BOARD that were are united and determined for a fair settlement.

Check back tonight for pictures.

636 Days Without a Settlement!


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Anonymous said...

We must stand together! We can't back down now, or we will never, ever get back the credibility that we've fought these two years for.

I guess is they still think we're bluffing, they can call us on it, but we must stand together.

Anonymous said...

Some of the younger teachers need to get involved. If they did not have medical and dental and eye coverage - that they might think is automatic - - then they will realize that these benefits were worked for over a period of years and more years. After the benifits are gone it is hard to bring them back.

Anonymous said...

Younger teachers yes, first year probationary teachers, absolutely not. THis district has a long history of terminating first year teachers who stepped out of line (Remember Doug Momberger at YHS, who was fired for asking Paul Jessup an embarrassing question about asbestos in the E-Building?)