Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Do Your Own Comparison!

Are you confused? Not sure who to believe? You've heard that Yucaipa teachers are the lowest paid in the region yet the district administration tells you that you're among the highest paid.

Do your own unbiased comparison and decide for yourself. It's easy to do.

Step 1: Pick some comparison points to use. Use your own salary placement (step and number of credits) as well as a few others that may be of interest to you (for example, a beginning teacher with 30 credits, a teacher with five years and 45 semester credits, you decide.)

Step 2: Look at what the YCJUSD salary is for these steps. Here is the link to YCJUSD's current salary schedule:
YCJUSD Salary Schedule

Step 3: Take a look at the ACTUAL salary schedules for some local districts. You can do this by visiting the district's websites or by calling their personnel departments. For your convenience, here are links to many local districts that have current, up-to-date salary information on the web: (please note, Adobe Acrobat required to view most of these schedules):
Corona Norco
Moreno Valley
San Bernardino
Chino Valley

When you look at the other district websites, it is important to remember that not all districts use the same number of units for column placement (ie: Yucaipa uses increments of 15 units but some other districts use a different number) so be sure and look at the appropriate column.

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Ticked off at Valley Elementary said...

For myself, I couldn't find a district that paid less:

In Yucaipa I make: $71,979

in Moreno Valley I would make: $78,964
in Corona Norco I would make: $85,051
In Beaumont I would make: $79,896
In Riverside I would make: $80,084
in Hemet I would make: $78,896
in Jurupa I would make: $79,957

So in other words, I am paying $8000-$14,000 in lost salaries for every year I teach here. That's more than 12 months worth of house payments.

Anonymous said...

This is no rocket science...why does the district still believe that Yucaipa teachers are among "highest in the region." Did the district use the same brain trust to write today's Negotiations Update that they used to plan a school without any roads to it?

DoTheMath said...


Corona Norco $8918 MORE
Redlands $1528 MORE
Beaumont $2474 LESS (less)
Colton $1657 MORE
Moreno Valley $3898 MORE
Riverside $2711 MORE
Jurupa $5118 MORE
Fontana $6088 MORE
Hemet $835 MORE

THIS INCLUDES THE BOARD'S 6.5% PAY INCREASE PROPOSAL. IN OTHER WORDS, TO MAKE THE AVERAGE, THE BOARD NEEDS TO UP ITS OFFER TO 11% IN SALARY (plus benefits) FOR 05-06 AND 06-07. And remember, we're supposed to start bargaining for next year soon! So long, see ya later! Oh, and our benefits package doesn't even come close to making up for this. We're offering a lot of remedial math at the High School, maybe the Board would care to sit in.

Anonymous said...

To the anonymous afficionado of rocket science: The district doesn't believe this, they want US to believe it.

Anonymous said...

I'm a third year teacher...I didn't have time to look at all the schedules yet since I need to leave for work in a moment but I did notice something disturbing:

A teacher in Yucaipa with 10 years of experience makes less than a Corona Norco teacher with just 3 years of experience.

What kind of message does this send to those teachers considering a job in Yucaipa or to those students who are considering a career in teaching? The message is loud and clear. The message is, don’t take a teaching job in the Yucaipa School District.

I must of been deaf and not heard this message. I should probably spend this weekend fillling out applications in other districts rather than grade papers. The district assumes we're idiots with the propaganda they send out...maybe we are. We're the ones who backed school board members who clearly have no respect for teachers.

Only this school board and the YSD administration can change that message. It’s up to you to provide competitive salaries that will attract and retain good teachers. Our students, our teachers and our community are counting on you.

InterviewTrail said...

Since I have had no confidence in our Board and District's ability to do the right thing, I am voting with my feet. Best of luck to those who choose to remain! Another happy former YCJUSD teacher spotted in today's PE: Todd Noden, alive and well, teaching Band at Eisenhower.

Anonymous said...

I think I'll be doing some job hunting during Spring Break!

Anonymous said...

Redlands has many openings, and is generous in their years that they honor in starting you out. Definitely worth a look.