Friday, March 2, 2007

You Want Some Facts?

Let's talk about salary comparisons. When a fact-finder looks at the information presented by the two sides, by law, one of the criteria is comparison. Yucaipa-Calimesa is in a "comparison group" with 14 other districts, all of whom are in the Inland Empire area, and are "unified" districts (K-12). Our comparison districts are: Alvord, Banning, Beaumont, Chino Valley, Colton, Corona-Norco, Fontana, Hemet, Jurupa, Moreno Valley, Redlands, Rialto, Riverside, and San Bernardino.

As of this date, let's look at 5 "benchmarks" on the salary schedules.

At BA - Step 1, YCJUSD pays $35,170. That's 15th out of 15. Dead last.

At BA + 30 units with a credential, YCJUSD pays $39,250. 15th out of 15. Dead last.

BA + 45 units, Step 5: YCJUSD pays $49,478. 15th out of 15. Dead last.

BA + 60 units, Step 10: YCJUSD pays $61,750. 15th out of 15. Dead last.

"Super Max," or the maximum salary a teacher could possibly make: YCJUSD pays $78,834. 15th out of 15. Dead last.

Now for the most important fact: If you add on the District's "last, best" offer, which equals approximately 6.5% over two years, WE'D STILL BE LAST!!!!!!!

How do you argue with those facts?

568 Days Without a Settlement!


Disillusioned Teacher said...

The Economic/Business concept of cost-benefit analysis applies here:
1.) Cost: Giving up tenure and position within the YCJUSD.
2.) Benefit: Better Wages, Better Working Conditions, an employer that respects you.

If you consider yourself a good teacher, why exactly do you stay in this district? Try talking to colleagues that have found employment elsewhere after working for the YCJUSD... I have yet to find one that thinks that they did the wrong thing by leaving this district. To the last, they are happier and better compensated.

Anonymous said...

Isn't it interesting that I can go to Redlands, lose 4 years, and instantly be ahead of where I am now? Wait four years, and be 5K ahead, counting the district's lame 6.5% offer. Beaumont looks even better, with maximum on their salary schedule coming after year 19 (yes, count 'em.....13 more years at maximum than we get).

It seems that daily or weekly I am given new reasons to dislike the people in charge (ie: change their election schedule, vote themselves raises, slander us, be rude to teachers in front of students during recent board visits, use taxpayer money to send out their incorrect information, build new schools and then pretend that it is normal for them to sit empty for 4 years, finance football field upgrades with much needed classroom money, etc. etc. etc.). Why is it that I long do I continue to count a pretty campus and good students are part of my benefits package? It is loving my students, site administrator and campus that has kept me here this long.

One of those who thought she'd never leave, but who needs to leave now, or become stuck here forever