Thursday, March 22, 2007

The Sky Continues to Fall at the District Office

Ted Alejandre as quoted in today's News-Mirror:

“The budget is very bare and dry.”

Any ideas on how Ted could fix things? He's concerned about water bills being $25,000 over what was originally projected....could this have anything to do with the fully landscaped school that's sitting idle at the end of a long, dirt road?

588 Days Without a Settlement!


(reality) Check Please! said...

Seems to me that Ted is using the old bureaucratic ploy of the reduction of an increase is a cut. The simple fact is that California's education budget has never been larger, and he is still trying to claim hardship. A few years ago, when the state was in a real budget crisis, YCEA did what was reasonable to help (increasing the class size cap, etc). Seems like we're already being led down the path to more negotiations nightmares for next year. I firmly believe that this pattern will end only when the current board is removed. Ted is only doing what he is told.

Anonymous said...

Yet another completely one-sided district press release by the News-Mirror. That rag has no concept of fairness and balance in the news. And no mention made of the huge increases made in the district's legal fee and conference budget! There's plenty of money, it's the district's priorities that are deficient.

Anonymous said...

The Editor of teh New Mirror censors material that is presented. Mr. Bean is not pro teacher at all.

Anonymous said...

New School name

Ocho View ES

Anonymous said...

The Editor of the local weekly newspaper is just interested in one thing

selling newspaper
making money for his company
not supporting teachers.

Yucaipa-Calimesa Teachers said...

I think the above comment is referring to the publisher. The editor (CMT) supports teachers.