Monday, March 12, 2007

Great suggestion left yesterday!

Yesterday, "Grassroots Campaign" left a great comment on the blog...this comment is worthy of being a regular post-here it is:

Time for all of us reading this blog to get the word out!

1) Compose a short, supportive email, then paste in the blog’s URL:

2) Send it to supportive parents, colleagues, friends, relatives, anyone who is concerned about quality education in Yucaipa.

3) Email them again in a few days and ask them what they thought.

4) We all need to realize that if we are not our own advocates, then we have no advocates.

578 Days Without a Settlement!


Anonymous said...

Great Idea! It's hard sometimes to get your friends involved in the political process, but this one affects my children. I'm going to give this a try.

SpinMaster said...

Do you think the board members would understand that we're talking about them if I forwarded this site to them.

Anonymous said...

I tried following this suggestion and got a nasty e-mail back from somebody that goes by the e-mail alias of "acivillady..."

Anonymous said...

A civil lady.....hmmm....who could that be??

EngineeredReality said...

A nasty response from "acivillady"? How delightfully oxymoronic! I guess she's only civil when you agree with her, unless, of course, civil has another meaning in this context

Anonymous said...

I think this civil lady has a proven tendency to respond with emotional anger when she doesn't like the facts.

I mean, getting angry makes it all better, right? We do that all the time when WE are at work, don't we?