Tuesday, March 6, 2007

Riverside School Board Says NO To Artificial Turf

In a 5-0 unanimous vote Monday night, the Riverside Unified School Board rejected plans to install artificial turf at Martin Luther King High School.

Here's some other wise decisions the Riverside Unified School Board made recently:

  • Gave teachers a 6.6% FULLY RETROACTIVE pay increase for the 06/07 school year.
  • Increased the pay rate for teachers attending buy back days from $270 to $285. (note: YCJUSD cut our buy back rate, in violation of the contract, from $251 to $150 last year.)
Maybe it's time for the Yucaipa board to start taking some lessons from their counterparts in Riverside.

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Anonymous said...

Alternative Title: "Riverside Board says no to Artificial Priorities".

Lower the Bar said...

I think that the board needs to enroll in a remedial study skills class before it takes lessons from anyone.