Thursday, March 15, 2007

The Public "Gets It" -- Why Can't the Board???

Excerpts from two letters printed in today's News-Mirror:

"It is very important to my wife and me that our children get the best education available. This can only be possible if our school district hires qualified, skilled teachers. In order to attract these teachers, or keep the ones currently teaching in Yucaipa, we need to pay them a competitive fair wage."

"I don't know of any business or industry that doesn't give their employees a raise in pay annually. The Yucaipa/Calimesa teachers haven't seen a pay increase in over three years."

I am sad to say that I voted for some of the current school board members."

-Greg Stuart

It's time for a school board change this year not in 2008."

-Paul Thomas

You can view the entire text of these letters at:
Yucaipa News-Mirror

581 Days Without a Settlement!


I Do Recall! said...

Anyone interested in recalling a board member needs to check the following site, available through the Registrar of Voters:

Just copy and paste this into your browser window, you'll need Adobe Reader. I no longer live in Yucaipa, or I'd take the paperwork out myself.

Anonymous said...

Though two parent support letters were nice to see, I still am amazed that the News-Mirror does not take a stronger position against this Board. The damage done to the community by this Board's misdeeds will resonate through Yucaipa for years to come. Is it to soon to call it a "crisis of leadership"?

007 said...

Know who ELSE doesn't GET it? The News-Mirror. I am SURE Andy M. had a great story to tell from Tuesday night, but for SOME reason or other, it did not make it to print this morning. The News-Mirror used to be such a supportive paper. The YCEA once honored it with the "John Swett" award for accurate and balanced reporting of a long-past tough negotiations year. Guess they just are not hungry for real news any more. Thank goodness they still print letters to the Editor!

Yucaipa-Calimesa Teachers said...

I spoke with Andy M who said that the board meetings on Tuesdays are too close to deadline to get in that week's paper - so hopefully he'll be able to get something in next week.

Anonymous said...

I don't think Dr. Hovey, Dr. Kendrick or Mr. Alejandro GET IT either. They would rather spend valuable district resources misleading the public and teachers than trying to work out a settlement. I hope Dr. Hovey realizes that his counterpart in Colton tried to do the same thing, used the same tactics and presented similar FALSE information...less than a week after the district settled with teachers the board sought and received his resignation. We know Dr. Hovey wants to leave--it's been in the newspaper--is he seeking a "buy out" from the board too?

Anonymous said...

With school board meeting on Tuesday evening the local newspaper has a very hard time going to print by the deadline with indepth articles. It is too bad it is a week later but a week later the articles are more balanced and organized and factual. That is just the way it is. The News-Mirror is not pro teacher at all. It is not neutral either. It is again the teachers.

Anonymous said...

Dr.Hovey goes home to Rancho Cucamong nightly.

Yucaipa-Calimesa Teachers said...

Our stat tracker shows that this blog is frequently visited in the evening by at least one visitor in Rancho Cucamonga. Who in our district lives in Rancho???

Anonymous said...

check the directory

Anonymous said...

A friend of mine works in Rialto. Their union is facing the same District tactics ours is and guess why? The Rialto District just contracted with the same attorney that represents YCJUSD (Steve Andelson). Either our Board no longer thinks for themselves, or they hired an attorney who was willing to do their bidding. Listening to this friend talk about how they are being treated in Rialto sounds just like here. Come on, Board - ditch Andelson before you and he destroy this district!

Anonymous said...

This is for all the Yucaipa School District: We are parents of children who attend Dunlap and Yucaipa High schools and we support you! Not just the teachers we know & respect on a personal basis, but also those around the district who are fighting not only for what you want, but for
what you outright DESERVE!! I hope the high paid paper pushers in the district office and the school board members that I voted for realize that
without quality, we won't have quality schools. I hope they realize that in the event of a strike, I, as well as many other parents districtwide, will keep our children home.
Keep the good work!!!

Anonymous said...

So will the News-Mirror start addressing these problems, or will they continue to be MIA? I am assuming they won't be rushing too much if they have nine days to print a story about what is happening in this community!